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EcoCabins exploitant Campsite
Specialist in sustainable Tiny Houses EcoCabins will manage the Campsite for the coming five years.
Open Day Campsite Basecamp IJmuiden
Open Day Campsite Basecamp IJmuiden September 29 th
Stay at the Campsite
The first houses are on the Campsite, and you can book a stay!
'Journalists in Residence' 
Soon we'll organize a special program for journalists.
'Scientists in Residence'
Comin soon: Scientists in Residence at the Campsite
Inspiration walk WeMakeTheCity
As part of WeMakeTheCity Climateproof FabCityNature organized an excursion.
First Tiny Houses Campsite
The first Tiny Houses arose on the Campsite.
Tiny Offices Campus
On the Campus two new Tony Offices will arise soon.
Campsite in development
In June the first Tiny Houses on the Campsite will arise.
Atelier van Lieshout in IJmuiden aan Zee
Starting half June the iconic artworks Domestikator, Refter en Tribal Tower of Atelier Van Lieshout will be in IJmuiden aan Zee.
WeMakeTheCity Climateproof 18 juni
Experience, taste and discover the other site of IJmuiden aan Zee.
FabCity Summit 2019
Old and new cities of the Fab City network present best practices on how to create locally productive, globally connected cities.
Field Meeting #3
On december 13th there was another Field Meeting
Serie of Fissa Pro's
In March 2019 we'll start with a serie of Fissa's for professionals.
FabCity Foundation
The Fab City Foundation in Tallinn Estonia was launched on December 12.
Amsterdam International Water Week
How to speed up climate adaptation globally?
Sea Sight Summit
The innovation festival over and on the coast.
FabCity book
Het eerste FabCity boek is verschenen.
BRAK! on the Campus
A 'Wikkelhouse' is the first building on the Campus.
Film in the Boathouse
The Life Aquatic, on Saturday 8th September in the big boathoase
Atlantic. in the Boathouse
Freedom, love and the hope for someting better.....
Film at the Pier
At August 26th a new Open Air Cinema at the Pier
Dancing trough the night
A thunderstorm let the DJ's at the Lake end up in the Pavilion..
DJ at the Dune Lake
Your bare feets in the sand, pounding beats en a view on the water.
Official member Fab City Global Network
FabCityNature/Gemeente Velsen is now an official member of the Fab City Global network.
Field meeting #2
During the second Field Meeting on the 10th of July
Inspiring Midsummer Night
FabCityNature organized an open-air cinema in the context of WeMakeThecity.
Campsite starts!
With an inspiring first meeting we started the development of the Campsite.
Open Air Cinema June 23th
Midsummer Night, an Open Air Cinema in the area.
Kick-off Campsite
On June 18th the Kick-off for the Campsite with Tiny Houses will take place.
Looking for new force
FabCityNature is looking for an architect/designer/placemaker (24 hours a week)
Fissa #2
Last Thursday we organized a Fissa for a group op people from the neighbourhood.
FabCityGlobal - Paris Summit
This Summer the FabCityGlobal Summit wil be in Paris.
Path preview
A small sneak preview of the path of the FabCityNature Campus.
Permits submitted
Last week, the permits were submitted to the municipality of Velsen for the Campus.
New city council visits coastal town
To be quickly updated about the developments here on the coast for IJmuiden aan Zee.
Field meeting #1
To inform all local residents and local entrepreneurs about the state of affairs
AIWW Amsterdam Agreement
During the Amsterdam International Water Week the parties have the
Fissa #1
Our first Fissa was a succes and generated a lot of good ideas.

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